Published: 5/12/2021
 Updated: 5/12/2021

Author: OnlyHomers

Last Updated: Tuesday May 11, 2021


You may choose three players every day (Monday-Sunday) that you think will homer that day. All picks must be submitted prior to first pitch for the game they are in. Picks for that particular game will lock at the scheduled first pitch time, so picks must be submitted AT LEAST one minute prior to scheduled first pitch.

You will receive one point for each homer hit by one of your players. For example: If you pick Mike Trout, Aaron Judge and Bryce Harper, and Trout hits two home runs and Bryce Harper hits one, you will receive three points that day.

Picks must only be submitted by replying to the daily picks tweet, which will be pinned to the @OnlyHomers twitter profile page.

When submitting picks, be as clear as possible. Include full name and team whenever possible so that there is no chance for a wrong player to be entered. For example, if you want Trea Turner, do not say “Turner” but instead say “Trea Turner” or “Trea Turner - Nationals.” Without this, we will be unable to credit a home run because we will be unsure which Turner you meant.

Players may be added, changed or removed until one minute prior to the scheduled first pitch time. It is the responsibility of the participant to know if the players they select are in the lineup, or if they are on the active roster. Picks may not be changed once the player’s organization’s game begins, even if they are not in the lineup or on the active roster that day.

It is the participant’s responsibility to remember to submit their picks each day, and to submit them in a correct format. Participants may be reminded about picks or asked to clarify which players they meant to pick in certain situations, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the participant to participate within the rules as listed.


Players in doubleheaders can earn points for both games, as long as the player is chosen before first pitch (see first pitch lock rules above) of game one of the doubleheader. Players in a doubleheader may not be chosen or switched out once game one of the double header begins, even if they are not in the lineup for game two.


Picks lock at the scheduled first pitch time (the time listed on MLB.com as of the previous night), even if the game is delayed due to weather or other circumstances. The picks will stay locked for that game unless the game is eventually postponed. If the game receives a postponement, you are free to change any players picked for the postponed game to other players.

If the game starts, but is then postponed/suspended, even if the game lasts just one pitch, it is considered official for our game and picks may not be changed.

If a game is suspended and then resumed on a future date, participants will receive points for homers hit on the day the home run was hit. For example, if you chose Bryce Harper and the Phillies game was suspended in the 4th inning on 7/2 and he did not hit a home run on that date, you will not receive points. If he then hits a homer on 7/4 when the game is continued from the 4th inning, you will only receive points if you chose him on 7/4. For days where a team is continuing a suspended game, doubleheader rules apply where a pick involving the player must be submitted prior to first pitch of the FIRST game played. No changes can be made involving players from those teams after scheduled first pitch time of the first game.


All points are finalized and scored at the end of the day and will be tweeted as part of an updated leaderboard following the night’s games. Unless special circumstances come up, the updated leaderboard will be posted prior to the start of the next day’s games.

After the updated leaderboard is posted, if you feel your score is incorrect, please DM @OnlyHomers with specifics on why you think it is incorrect. The spreadsheet will be reviewed at that time.


If any of the above rules are not followed, it is within the right of @OnlyHomers to not award points. If you are not awarded points and you would like to contest this, please DM @OnlyHomers. Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes, so if this was an error on our part, we will do what it takes to make it right.

We reserve the right to amend the rules at any point. It is the participant’s responsibility to check the rules regularly. The date of the most recent change will always be listed on top so as to indicate if any rules were changed.